Playground Serulingmas

A. Overview
Wildlife Recreation Park Serulingmas (TRMS) originally dihijaukan city forest since 1994. In the midst of this recreation park there is the tomb of Ki Ageng Selomanik, followers of Prince Diponegoro who pushed to the west and settled in Banjarnegara.
This recreational park, inaugurated Gen. (Ret.) Susilo Sudarman (late), when he was appointed Chairman of the Society of Appeals Eling Banyumas (Serulingmas), on August 21, 1997. As a marker of this inauguration, Susilo Sudarman donated tiger who now breed.
From the garden it can be seen scenery charming River valley Serayu, who met and Palettes Merawu River on the west side. Not far from there Banjarcahyana Dam, built in the Dutch East Indies government in 1939. The dam was constructed chiffon Merawu penetrate down time and until now still serves as a technical irrigation.
B. Feature
Tourist attraction in the TRMS is a wildlife park, swimming pool, children's playground, and the historical area of ​​the tomb of Ki Ageng Selomanik Keramat.
TRMS wildlife park has a collection of animals that ditangkarkan, namely lions, elephants, tigers, orangutans, many species of birds and rare plants are protected. Total, TRMS has more than 36 types of ruminant animals, birds, and reptiles and rare plants.
The animals are not only the result of breeding TRMS, also obtained from the exchange of collections with the garden-animal wildlife in Indonesia. One result of the exchange of these collections are the two elephants from Elephant National Park Way Kambas, Lampung. Until now, the elephant collection that bear two tails. In addition there are also Bengal tigers, African lions, and a bear.
Recreation park is crossed by streams that add to the beauty Serayu River views of the garden. This recreation park is in great demand by children and adolescents, on holidays or school holidays rekeasi park is always crowded with visitors. To enliven the atmosphere on stage performing arts entertainment held areas and perform music that can be enjoyed by tourists while sitting under a shady tree in arenas under the stage.
In this park, visitors can also enjoy a special drink Banjarnegara, namely Dawet Ayu Banjarnegara. Nuances are still strong in rural areas makes the region TRMS TRMS suitable for family tourism destinations in the holidays. With these features, TRMS is the only wildlife park in the southern province of Central Java.
C. Location
Wildlife Recreation Park in administratof Serulingmas located in District Banjarnegara, Banjarnegara regency, Central Java, Indonesia
D. Access
To go Rekretasi Wildlife Park Serulingmas, tourists can travel as far as one kilometer northwest toward downtown Banjarnegara. TRMS location can be reached by using public transport so-called cabbage town.
E. Ticket Prices
TRMS ticket price is Rp 5,000, - for adults and Rp 3,000, - for the children (October 2009)
F. Facilities and other accommodations
Rows of stalls selling souvenirs, toys, food, and beverages can be found around the visitor parking area. The zoo also has a large parking area, to large-sized buses to motorcycles. In addition to these facilities, toilets, children's playground, and small mosque is also the other facilities in this tourist attraction. As for tourists who stay, approximately one kilometer to the southeast, travelers can find several hotels and inns. Share

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